What We Do

Sword to Sword is a historical fencing club dedicated to the Historical European Martial Arts, also known as HEMA. These martial systems consist of combat techniques  dating back to the 14th Century passed down through manuscripts written by medieval and renaissance fencing masters.

At Sword to Sword we focus on the Kunst Des Fechtens, the Germanic ‘arts of combat’ from the 14th to 16th centuries. Our primary areas of study are the German longsword, sword and buckler, and rapier. We offer additional programs and instruction to support martial artists interested in wrestling, equestrian combat, dussack, dagger, military sabre, poleaxe, quarterstaff, messer, and more.

Long Sword Classes Houston

Our approach emphasizes beginning with a strong foundation of fitness, to promote the athleticism necessary to safely perform fencing actions with commitment, strength, and speed. All of our drills are based on developing proper mechanics, perception, and decision-making under pressure.

Sword to Sword is not a re-enactment group or renaissance faire troupe, although many of our members participate in such activities. All are welcome to train with us. If you’re interested in swordsmanship or fighting systems of any kind, we hope you’ll come and see what we’re all about.

Where We Do It

Sword To Sword has two locations in the Houston area:

HOUSTON – 1117 Upland Dr, Houston, TX 77043

Monday, Wednesday

7:15pm to 9:15pm

Friday – Open Sparring 8:00pm

Saturday Classes 4-6 pm

Sword in Single Hand: 4-6 pm
A survey class which will go over many styles of single-handed swords and examine similarities and differences between them.

German Longsword Fundamentals:
A one hour class which will reinforce foundational cutting, stepping, and movement mechanics to increase proficiency in the core areas of Longsword fencing.

Medieval Dagger:
A class focused on examining the mechanics and techniques featured in a variety of dagger fighting manuscripts. Working through arm locks, traps, disarms, and throws this class will also improve understanding of wrestling fundamentals.

THE WOODLANDS – 1544 Sawdust Rd, Suite 304, Spring, TX 77380


7:30 pm – Longsword instruction and training drills
8:30 pm – Open sparring

Class Fees & Memberships

Individual classes are $45 / Session

Monthly memberships are available for $170 / Month
Members of Sword to Sword who pay monthly can attend as many classes as they want per month.

Every month we host an introductory class for $30