About Us

Sword to Sword is, un-ironically, a sword fighting school. But more than that we’re a club. While Sword to Sword has a serious focus in educating our members on martial combat, we also focus on fun. We want Sword to Sword to be a welcoming environment for everyone.

Unlike other martial arts schools, Sword to Sword has no system of ranking our students. Everyone has the ability to pursue what areas of study they like, while still being given the foundations of expert sword techniques. We believe that intrinsic motivations drive a student to improve and learn more than a rigid education process that limits students to a certain area of study exclusively.

Each month, we teach on a new topic, building on the universal foundations of swordsmanship, but also allow our students plenty of time to explore other topics with support from the instructors.


Challenge one’s self to improve, no matter how minor, every session
Know one’s limits to keep safe and keep self control
Support one’s training partners to do the same
Have a great time while training seriously


Dakao Do HEMA Instructor

Dakao Do
Head Instructor
Dakao Do has over sixteen years’ experience of fighting and training with medieval and renaissance weapons, specializing in the German Longsword and Italian Rapier. As well as being a historical weapons fighting expert, Dakao is an accomplished physical conditioning coach, parkour instructor, and body mechanics coach.

Dakao founded Sword to Sword in 2001.






Nathan Grepares
Head Longsword Instructor
Nathan Grepares began studying German Longsword at Sword To Sword in 2009, and since then has travelled to Europe a number of times for training and competition. Since 2013 he has been involved in instructing new students, as well as innovating new drill concepts.

Nathan is an internationally renowned fighter with good standing in the world HEMA scene. In 2014, he placed fourth in Swordfish, the world’s most prestigious Longsword competition.